Pressure Cooker Cookbooks

If you already own my Instant Pot cookbook (THANKS!) and are looking for more recipes, I have a few favorite cookbooks to recommend for further reading:

dinner in an instant
Dinner in an Instant by Melissa Clark

Clark is the cooking guru at the New York Times, and her recipes are always reliable and delicious. She’s become an Instant Pot fan and has solid pressure cooking recipes.


hip pressure cooking
Hip Pressure Cooking by Laura D. A. Pazzaglia

Pazzaglia is a dominant force in modern electric pressure cooking, and her cook times chart is something to behold. Her recipes are reliable and well researched.

indian ip cookbook
Indian Instant Pot Cookbook
by Urvashi Pitre

Pitre is well known by the Instant Pot web community for her butter chicken recipe, and for good reason. The Instant Pot is great for cooking Indian food, and this cookbook can be your guide!

Instant Pot No Pressure Cookbook
The Instant Pot No-Pressure Cookbook
by ME

Had to include my new book. 😉 It comes out on May 1st and you can pre-order it now!

Pressure Cooker Cookbooks

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Santa Claus

Another year is nearly over, and my head is spinning. As nuts as 2017 has been, I’m very thankful to have written another book and look forward to its release in 2018! I’ve written a few other things too lately (please see below):

Happy and merry to all!

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No Pressure photoshoot

As the release date for my latest cookbook slowly approaches, I’d like to share a few behind-the-scenes photos from the photoshoot. Note that these are just from my phone, and that the lovely Staci Valentine‘s photos are MUCH better (stunning, really). Can’t wait to share the book with you all in May!




No Pressure photoshoot

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This summer has really been a whirlwind. But with the manuscript for cookbook #2 turned in, I’ll have more time for article-writing, zine-making, and blog-writing (I hope). Here’s a few things I’ve written around the internet lately.

I’m also featured in Sirsee: Volume 1, a lovely little publication featuring recipes, poetry, prose, and artwork, all centered around the theme of “ripe.”

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Report Card


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but it’s for good reason, I swear! I am (drum roll please) writing a new cookbook! It’s another electric pressure cooker cookbook, but with more fun, interesting recipes for those ready to take the next step in their pressure cooker relationship. It’ll have lots of fun flavors and dishes and will incorporate the pressure cooker as part of your functioning, 21st century kitchen.

So in the meanwhile I’ll try to put up a blog post or two, but you’ll be hearing much more from me after the summer. It’s summer anyway, you should be sitting by a pool and reading a thriller-romance, not reading my dumb blog.

Keep an eye out for the cookbook via St. Martin’s Press, due out next spring!

Report Card

Holiday Recipes 2016


Happy holidays everyone! Here’s some of my favorite holiday party-worthy recipes I’ve utilized this year. I’ve been thinking about the rum punch ever since I made it this weekend. I also like trying to say rum punch like Mary Poppins does. Enjoy and be merry.

  • Rum Campari Punch — Smitten Kitchen
    • I love Campari, but even my party guests that aren’t known to drink the bright red stuff loved this boozy but easy-to-drink punch. Make it up to a day ahead of time (just add the bubbles right before serving).
  • Best Rugelach — The Kitchn
    • I use this recipe more than once a year as it simply never fails to be amazingly delicious. I’ve used all sorts of fillings and the dough freezes great. You can also make these as pinwheels (faster if you’re making lots): when separating the dough, form into a long log and chill per the instructions. Roll out into a long rectangle, add your filling, and roll up into a tight log. Slice into 1/2″ wheels.
  • Homemade Chex Mix — Betty Crocker
    • What can I say? Total nostalgia for me. You can play around with what tidbits you include (Cheerios? Nuts?) and the spices as well. I used garlic powder (you can use fresh), a Cajun spice mix, salt, and worcestershire. And I used the oven: preheat to 350. Add your butter to a large rimmed baking sheet (or two) and melt in the oven. Add the spices and mix, then add the other ingredients and mix. Bake for 10 minutes, toss, and bake for 10-15 minutes more.
  • Spicy Gingerbread Cut-outs — me! (on Serious Eats)
    • I make these tried and true every year. They have tons of flavor with or without the icing and become softer the longer you store them. Easy to bake, easy to decorate.
Holiday Recipes 2016