Las Vegas Round-up, 3.7.14

I recently visited Vegas for the rugby Sevens tournament and it was super great. Here are a few other places I went that are also recommendable and off the beaten Strip:

Red Rock Canyon offers close to 20 hiking trails and a 13-mile scenic drive with plenty of spots to stop and stare. The rocks are colorful and the canyons are crisscrossed with streams. Note that there’s a $7 entrance fee per vehicle.

The Neon Museum rescues and restores classic neon signs and displays them in their “Boneyard.” Even the lobby comes from a now-closed Vegas hotel. Tours only, night tours and booking ahead are highly recommended.

Seven Magic Mountains is an art piece off the 15 freeway just west of Vegas. The neon towers of boulders are over 30 feet high and highly photogenic. The sculpture will be on view until May 2018.


Las Vegas Round-up, 3.7.14

Watts Towers


Visiting the Watts Towers has long been on my list of “LA things to do,” but I never seem to get around to it—until this weekend. Had I known the towers were so interesting to look at it and learn about, I would have gone a long time ago. So this is my public service announcement for you, sans spoilers: go see Watts Towers. Take a $7 tour, it’s worth it. And if you go after the 18th-ish, you can visit the new LocoL too. Win win win.





Watts Towers