New book cover!

The new book is coming along nicely, and will arrive in spring of next year. In the meantime, we have a cover! I’ll post updates as I have them. Exciting stuff!

Instant Pot No Pressure Cookbook

New book cover!

Some Random Things I’d Like To Recommend

I do not consider myself an expert on pretty much anything, let alone what you should be spending your money on. But! Here are a few of my favorite things as of late, Oprah-style, should you be interested. Sure wish I could give them away to each and every one of you. YOU get a Uniqlo shirt! YOU get all-natural deodorant!

This Uniqlo shirt — The high neck and half-sleeve make my neck and arms look long and slim, and the material and ribbing are soft. Plus, it’s 10 freaking dollars.

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders — I am a big Saunders fan, but this novel really blew me away. It is unusual and touching and funny and sad and I’ve thought about it a lot since reading it.

Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Deodorant Stick
— If you’re anything like me, you’ve been desperately seeking a natural deodorant that doesn’t leave you smelling like a gym sock or make your pits burn. This one works great for me! I have the geranium scent.

Numi Rooibos Chai Tea
— I love making my own Chai tea, but I am often lazy and want tea right NOW. This caffeine-less rooibos tea has a nice balance of spices and tastes great with a little dollop of honey.
Volunteering or Giving to Planned Parenthood
— I’m a volunteer and a donor and it’s awesome, and you should be, too!

Some Random Things I’d Like To Recommend

What to Bake and How to Bake It

what to bake and how to bake it

I recently added a new cookbook to my small collection: What to Bake and How to Bake It by Jane Hornby. I saw it one day in a bookstore and was enamored by its illustrations (by Kerry Lemon) and the way the recipes are presented. Each recipe is broken into steps, with each step photographed from above. The effect is quite striking and zen-like.

I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but am fully on board with the book simply based on the design. It’s already brought me enough joy and entertainment to be worth the price. Hornby already has two other cookbooks focused on the savory side but in the same style, published by Phaidon. Phaidon never ceases to publish loads of beautiful art books and cookbooks that I want to buy buy buy.

what to bake and how to bake it what to bake and how to bake itwhat to bake and how to bake it what to bake and how to bake it

What to Bake and How to Bake It