Baked & Wired


I have long had a love affair with the Georgetown bakery Baked & Wired, and it is time I come clean. If you’ve been anywhere near Georgetown then chances are you’ve been to this crowded bakery. If you haven’t, then let me count the ways.

Baked & Wired is a straight up bakery and coffee shop, not super modern and stark, not frilly and pink. It’s all brick, young baristas, and countless baked goods. It’ll do you good to go at an off-time, like early morning or right at lunch. If you encounter a line, don’t worry. It moves relatively quick. Just make sure you’re in the right line–one line for the bakery, one line for the coffee.

The coffee side is all the usual offerings, made with extra thick milk and made well. Across is the bakery side, with a dizzying number of options displayed under individual glass cases. Cookies, cookie sandwiches, bars, brownies, and tons of cupcakes. I don’t buy into the now-played-out cupcake gimmick, but these cupcakes are no joke. I’ve been to Baked & Wired probably five times over the last 8 years, and they have always been and continue to be totally delicious. Any flavor will do you good, including the straight up vanilla.

I can think of few things better than one of their cupcakes and a latte. I’ll be thinking about it until I go back to D.C.

Baked & Wired

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