Smorgasburg LA

Thanks, Brooklyn! My former home borough was kind enough to export their weekly food-centric event Smorgasburg to downtown LA. I’ve been a couple of times and there’s enough good food to keep you occupied for several Sundays straight, as well as a small beer garden and a few pop-up shops. Below are a few of my favorites so far. Take some friends and try as much as you can stand to eat.


  • Guerrilla Tacos – One of my favorite places to eat in all of LA, Smorgasburg is a great way to catch Guerrilla serving fresh tacos. They are known for using fun and exotic ingredients and their menu changes every week.
  • Paloma’s Paletas – This little popsicle stand typically offers 4-5 flavors, and I liked the watermelon one so much I got it twice.
  • T.J.’s Tacos – Vietnamese tacos with super-fresh herbs and sweet and tangy sauces.
  • Goa Taco – Maybe the best thing I’ve eaten at Smorgasburg so far. They slow-roast pork belly right out there on a spit, and stuff it into a “taco.” The tortilla is super flaky like a scallion pancake.
  • Sus Arepas – I love arepas and surprisingly haven’t found many in LA. The Latin American pockets of beans, cheese, plantains, and perhaps meat are reliably comforting.
Guerrilla Tacos torta
Smorgasburg LA

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