Highland Park Bowl


If you haven’t visited Highland Park latest hot spot, then allow me to extend an invitation. Highland Park Bowl is one of the most impressive interior renovations I’ve seen in Los Angeles, and its worth visiting just to take a good look around. Luckily there are drinks, food, and bowling to keep you there.

The bowling alley, situated on constantly-changing Figueroa, was built in the 20s. It went through a number of changes over the years before being bought by the 1933 Group a couple of years ago. They stripped away drop ceiling, paneling, and junk to reveal the beautiful details beneath—a mural from the 30s (seen in the photo), old bowling paraphernalia, even nearly 100-year-old liquor bottles. The result is awe-inspiring. The original, tall ceiling with skylights and metal beams floats overhead, with bowling lanes beneath and two semi-circle bars not far behind. The bars are lit by the old pin-setters-turned-chandeliers, and the liquor sits on the former ball returns. Old pins now serve as bar lights, and former bowling team plaques and banners adorn the walls.

While you’re there taking a good look around, order a drink and maybe a pizza. The bar/restaurant boasts a large, Italian brick oven that churns out Neapolitan-style pizzas and other fare. Bowling is expensive but fun, and the prices vary based on the day and time.

Highland Park Bowl

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