I’ve been an It’s-It fan since I found one by chance at a market in Brooklyn years ago. The ice cream sandwiches didn’t appear many places outside of the Bay Area at the time, and I bought it not really knowing what it was. The discovery of this magical mix of oatmeal cookies, ice cream, and chocolate led to years of actively seeking out It’s-Its with mixed results. Then I moved to Los Angeles. Lucky for me, the It’s-It home base is at least on the same coast, making them slightly easier to find (but still not plentiful).

During a recent trip to San Francisco, I happened to glance to the right while on the freeway. “WHAT!?” I yelled, and told my alarmed husband that we needed to get off at the next exit. A few turns later, and there we were: the It’s-It factory. They have a small shop attached selling all of their ice cream goods as well as a few bits of merchandise. There were more It’s-Its than I had ever imagined—six different flavors to be exact—as well as a couple of It’s-It creations that I hadn’t heard of, including the “Big Daddy.” I grabbed one along with a sweatshirt and ate it (the ice cream, not the sweatshirt) on the sidewalk outside. It was a fat, square ice cream sandwich, but the cookies stayed crunchy and the ice cream was super fluffy. I have no idea how they do it, but it’s totally great. If we weren’t on the road for a few more days we would have packed up a whole cooler-full.

If you’re in the San Fran area, definitely stop by and sample some treats. They even have dry ice if you’re saving some for later.


this post is not sponsored, I just really love It’s-Its.


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