Asheville Pinball Museum


While traveling the South for the holidays, we stopped for a couple of nights in lovely Asheville, NC. We drank a lot of delicious craft beer, ate good food, saw some nice scenery, and played pinball.

Asheville has its own “pinball museum,” which charges you about $13 to poke around and play as much pinball as your heart desires. They have machines from the dawn of time—many of the oldest ones not turned on for play, but still displayed—all the way up through present day. It’s hard to say how many machines they have, but its a lot, and some of them pretty rare. They’re all kept in good working order, and the staff is friendly. There’s a bar for good measure, and some classic arcade games in back room that are also set to free play. Plus, your wrist band is good for the entire day, so come and go as you please.

My personal favorite was Upper Deck, the two-player baseball game. Stop by and get your game on the next time you’re in Asheville. Great for all ages (unless you’re those squirts who hogged Capcom vs Marvel the entire time we were there. You stink).

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Asheville Pinball Museum

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