Hattie B’s


My husband and I have talked about hot chicken arguably too much considering he, until recently, had never even tried it. At some point I was rubbing it in his face, extolling its deliciousness and going on and on about something out of his reach. This all led to me declaring hot chicken eating our #1 mission while visiting Tennessee during the holidays. Nothing would get in our way.

Well, a tornado almost got in our way, among the usual hubbub of the holidays. But we volunteered to make an airport drop-off with the secret intentions of a lunch run, and made it into the rainy line at Hattie B’s. Yes, there’s almost always a line, but even at prime time lunch it went relatively quickly, and the staff is helpful and the food is totally worth it. We split a double white meat, some greens, coleslaw, and banana pudding. Many thumbs up.

And if you’re never had hot chicken—start low on the scale, even if you love spicy food. We ordered the lowest on the spice scale, and thought it perfectly spicy without the stomach ache or run for the water fountain. Scale up if you dare.

Hattie B’s

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