The Sub

I finished up my “big writing project,” which is a big relief and also a little sad! If all goes as planned, a cookbook will be published early next year with my name on it. Woo!

I’m getting back into blogging about food and other things, but I’d like to start by sharing my husband’s Kickstarter. I know, shameless plug—but I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t think it was awesome.

The Sub is a short film about reluctant substitute teacher Mae Zalinsky and her harder-than-average first day. She bonds with a student named Penny, and in the end it’s up to them to save the school from untold horrors. It’s a horror-comedy that’s sure to be super fun.

We’ll have a practical monster (built by Alterian) and have already cast Zoe Jarman (The Mindy Project) as Mae. Heather Langencamp of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise fame will also make an appearance!

The Kickstarter campaign is over 75% with one week left. Donate and get a sweet perk, not to mention getting to be a part of this fun flick getting made!

The Sub

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