The Pocket Pawpaw Cookbook

pawpaw cookbook

I’ve been extremely distracted by pawpaws lately. See, I’ve never eaten a pawpaw, and the indigenous American fruit keeps popping up in my life—sadly, not in the flesh.

I recently interviewed the author of Pawpaw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit, who shed light on the origins and current state of the often-ignored pawpaw. And now the illustrious editor of Paste Magazine and accomplished writer Sara Bir has published The Pocket Pawpaw Cookbook.

pawpaw cookbook

I was so delighted to receive this little book in the mail, and it has only made my longing for pawpaws stronger. In it, Sara provides tips for finding, prepping and cooking pawpaws, and offers up twelve quality recipes ranging from cake to sorbet to hot sauce.

If you have any interest in pawpaws or want to learn more about them, order her little book here. It has a lovely hand-printed cover and is self-published, so that’s awesome. I think I’ll be ordering some frozen pawpaw pulp to be delivered to my home in pawpaw-free SoCal so that I can test a few of these recipes stat.


The Pocket Pawpaw Cookbook

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