Madonna Inn

At the tail end of our trip, we stayed at the famous Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. We had been camping for a couple of nights, so a real bed sounded soooo good. I’ve also long wanted to stay in the weird hotel, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Madonna InnI highly recommend you Google Image Search Madonna Inn, since every guest room (there’s over 100) is decorated differently, and I mean decorated. They are all themed and named accordingly, some with rock walls, rainbow carpet, and daisy wallpaper. Basically, they are all picture-perfect. We stayed in the “Indian room.”Madonna Inn

The hotel was built and built onto for a few years before being completed in the late 60s. It definitely feels like a trip back in time, except that the bathrooms and facilities are updated nicely. They have a great pool and hot tubs, and there is a steak house with insane decor on premises. There’s also a bar connected to the restaurant, and a cafe called the Copper Kettle. We really enjoyed the pool, had a drink at the old school bar while watching a band play in the restaurant, and ate breakfast at the Copper Kettle.

Madonna Inn

The dining is all fine here—nothing amazing and a bit over-priced—but we loved staying at the hotel. The atmosphere is fun and the staff is friendly. I’m sure we’ll be back to stay in as many rooms as we can.

Madonna Inn

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