Ice Cream Cone S’mores

S'mores cone

While camping in Morro Bay, we put our fire pit to good use. After grilling up cheesy veggie flatbreads, we tried out a new trick for dessert. We each stuffed our own sugar cone to the top with a mix of dark chocolate chips and mini marshmallows and wrapped them tightly in foil (be careful not to be too rough, I broke one of my cones this way).S'mores cone

If you have a calmer fire, stick them in the grates like the photo above and let them heat up while you clean up your dinner mess. If your fire is pretty hot like our’s, I started them out on their side, rotating them after a couple of minutes, and then poked them through the grates to finish. This way the bottom won’t burn, but hopefully when you unwrap your cones, they’ll be nice and melty inside. Once you check and see if they’re done, be sure to let them cool for a minute before digging in.

It’s a great way to enjoy a s’more without the need for skewers, and they’re not quite as messy. We liked them so much we made two for each of us.

Ice Cream Cone S’mores

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