Corn Fritters

corn fritters

When I’m cooking savory (which is most of the time), I typically do not use a recipe. The recipes only come out when I want to make something unusual or special, and that’s honestly not very often. I feel fortunate that I’ve built up enough cooking experience to be approaching the stove with a basis of knowledge, and creativity and experimentation is what I love about savory cooking. Not all of my experiments work, but I learn from them and move on. And I rarely turn out anything inedible.

This past weekend we had a grill-out (like the rest of the country) and while cleaning up afterwards, I discovered I had forgotten to cook the 10 ears of corn sitting at the end of the counter. Whoops. I suddenly had A LOT of fresh corn on my hands, so the next day I shucked a couple of ears and made corn fritters for brunch. I took a photo because they looked (and tasted) so good, but do I have a recipe? No. I threw a bunch of stuff in a bowl. Will I one day figure out what the recipe is and post it? Yes. Until then, I’ll at least tell you what’s in them.

corn fritters

fresh corn (about 2 ears)
1 egg
fresh parsley
minced garlic
minced onion
pinch of baking soda
salt & pepper

I used just enough liquid ingredients and cornmeal to loosely bind it all together. If you cook them right, they’ll fuse into crispy patties.

The slaw was leftover from the barbecue, and contained:

shredded cabbage
broccoli slaw mix
green pepper
sesame oil
lime juice
a little honey
not too much mayo
salt & pepper

Corn Fritters

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