Secret Stair Walk #3 Glassell Park

secret stair walk #3

I’m working my way through the Secret Stairs of Los Angeles, which I’d highly recommend by the way. A few days ago I did Walk #3, which takes you through part of Glassell Park. It was maybe a mile or two from my house, and seemed like a no-brainer.secret stair walk #3

It begins at the intersection of Avenue 40 and Scandia Way, where a short, old wooden stair case leads up to a paved walkway (pictured above), which drops you on Verdugo View Drive. Take a left, and take a right on Avenue 42. Walk through the neighborhood to straight through the intersection until you’re on Palmero Drive. secret stair walk #3

Continue on Palmero, and then bear left onto Oban Drive. There are some pretty homes and greenery down this street. Bear right onto Oneonta Drive, and then bear right, following Oneonta as it goes around and up. On the right past an empty lot is the second set of stairs. secret stair walk #3

This a bigger, newer set of stairs, and has nice views as you go up and from the top of Occidental College and the mountains. secret stair walk #3

It drops you at Olancha Drive. Take a left and admire the homes before taking a hard left onto N Nobb Hill Drive. Bear right at the fork and head downhill. The next staircase is at the bottom of the hill on your right. secret stair walk #3

It’s another wooden one followed by a paved walkway. I was well-attended by some rowdy dogs just behind a fence along this walk, so beware. You’ll be dropped on Cleland, with Bicentennial Park across the street. Turn left and turn left again on Terrace 49. secret stair walk #3

When the street ends at El Paso, take a left, and turn left again on Division Street. Walk along to Avenue 42 and take a right, walk a few blocks and turn left on Verdugo View. You’ll end up back at your original staircase, which will take you back down to Avenue 40 and Scandia Way.secret stair walk #3

If you’re not familiar with Glassell Park, it’s a great walk to introduce you to the neighborhood. There’s a nice view at the top and the wooden staircases are rare in LA now. If you live in the area, then you should go strictly because you can! This walk has less stair action and more just walking through neighborhoods, but I still enjoyed it.

Secret Stair Walk #3 Glassell Park

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