Secret Stair Walk #29 to Griffith Observatory

One of my favorite walks in LA is a secret stairs walk in Los Feliz up to the Griffith Observatory. It takes you up some lovely and historic stairs, by some beautiful homes, including a huge Frank Lloyd Wright landmark, gives you some great views and leads to one of my favorite places, the Griffith Observatory. All that, and lacking the crowds that climb up the dirt trail through the park. I will say that I haven’t found many good posts online detailing exactly where to go on this walk, so here’s my play by play.

Secret Stair Walk 29

The first set of stairs, the Los Feliz Heights stairs, start on the north side of Berendo St and Cromwell Avenue (map below). You can park in this neighborhood as long as you abide by the signs, or you can park on Vermont just north of Los Feliz and walk a couple of blocks.

Secret Stair Walk 29

The stairs are lovely, and have a sitting area half way up if you’d like a break. Once you reach the top, take a right and walk up the hill to the next staircase.

Secret Stair Walk 29

The next staircase it at Glendower and Bonvue on your left. It runs right up next to a tan house and you’ll see a tile mural at the top of the first flight.

Secret Stair Walk 29

This set of stairs will end briefly, just for you to cross the road and head up another set. Keep going up!Secret Stair Walk 29

There’s a really nice view from the second flight of stairs. Take a deserved break and soak it in.

secret-stair-walk-29 4If you’re facing going up the stairs, turn to your right to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis house, also know as the Mayan house. It’s most famous for its use in Blade Runner, and is pretty amazing to look at while you catch your breath. Once you’ve taken in the view, finish the last bit of stairs and take a right on Glendower.

Secret Stair Walk 29

You’ll come to this corner, which points hikers to the left (that’s us!). Turn left here and walk a short ways to the gate.

Secret Stair Walk 29

Believe it or not, you can go through this. As you can see to the left of the gate, there’s a small space for walkers to squeeze through. This path leads you up to the Observatory and has some great views, too. And almost no people!

Secret Stair Walk 29

Eyes on the prize! You’ll drift to the left and hook up with a dirt path.

Secret Stair Walk 29

Once on the dirt path, take the sharp right to finish heading up the hill. In the meantime you get some nice views of downtown and the Hollywood sign and then boom! you’re there.

Take some time to explore the Observatory if you haven’t already, it’s pretty great. It opens at noon most days, be sure to check their hours.

When you head down, you can retrace your steps or take a slightly different route. Head down the same dirt path from the Observatory, but instead of heading right to the paved path, continue straight on the dirt path which leads to Vermont near the Greek Theatre and the golf course. Then you can stroll leisurely down Vermont towards Los Feliz Blvd and save your knees from going down all those stairs.

Google Map

Secret Stair Walk #29 to Griffith Observatory

2 thoughts on “Secret Stair Walk #29 to Griffith Observatory

  1. Markus Hodel says:

    It really is a great walk up, including the sportive stairs. Therefore you will walk almost without any company on the way.
    Good to know: for the Ennis house you have to call and join a group (only wednesday to sunday);
    And – goin back down the stairs again: the door to Griffith Park closes at 5pm


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