DIY Shot Glass Votives

I recently did a test post for a DIY site, and I thought that I’d put it up on my blog in case anyone was interested in making votives. Enjoy!

shotglass votives

Do you have some shot glasses collecting dust in your cabinet? Do you want to make a fun homemade gift? Pour your own votives! You only need a few items to make these pretty candles, and it’s easier than you think. Give those old shot glasses new life with this simple DIY project.

You’ll need eight items to make these votives:

shotglass votives

  • Shot Glasses
  • Candle Wax (a soy blend wax is best)
  • Pre-Tabbed Wicks (in the appropriate size)
  • Wax Pour Pot
  • Glue Gun OR Glue Dots
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Candy Thermometer
  • Candle Scent (optional)

Step 1

shotglass votives

Start melting your wax. I use an old metal teapot in a double boiler. It’s important to be careful when melting and dealing with wax, since it can catch fire if it gets too hot. Use your thermometer to monitor the temperature.

Step 2

shot glass votives

Prep your shot glasses. Trim the wick so that it’s about an inch taller than the glass. When buying supplies, you can figure out the wick size you need based on the size of the container. Use the glue gun or glue dots to secure the tab to the center of the bottom of the glass. You can use a split popsicle stick or clothespin to secure the wick at the top so that it doesn’t move when you are pouring your wax.

Step 3

shot glass votivesWhen your wax comes up to temperature, add the scent of your choice. Note that guidelines for scent-adding and pouring temperatures, along with how much scent to add, are provided by the wax manufacturer. My eco-soy wax calls for 180 degrees for adding scent, and 140 degrees for pouring. After you’ve added the scent, take the pour pot off the heat and stir until it reaches the proper temperature.

Step 4

shot glass votives

Carefully pour each votive, leaving a half inch of space at the top. Repeat until all of the votives are done, and be careful not to disturb the wicks. Let sit until completely cooled. You may need to top off your votives with hot wax if you don’t have a smooth finish on top. Alternatively, you can use a heat gun to melt the very top and create a smooth finish.

You did it! Now you have some pretty, sweet-smelling votives to give as gifts or enjoy at home.

shot glass votives

DIY Shot Glass Votives

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