Throw Back to Italy, part 3

It’s Thursday and I’m in the mood to reminisce. Last time I posted photos from our time in Cinque Terre, but I left out our visit to the Lemon Festival in Monterosso. It deserves its own post. I am a big lemon fan, so a whole festival dedicated to lemons? With homemade lemon desserts and limoncello and lemon lemon everything everywhere? Made from beautiful, gigantic local lemons? And it happens to be while I’m in Cinque Terre?? Um, yes. A thousand times yes.

This area is known for their lemons, and during the festival the whole village sets up tables and sells lemons and things made from lemons. Everything is decorated with lemons and everything is bright yellow. Kids are set up selling lemonade, and a prize is given to the biggest lemon and best traditional lemon cake. It’s festive and delicious. It’s also where I had the best lemon cake of my life (pictured below). The festival takes place one day in May, and if you love lemon as much as I do, I highly recommend it.

That’s definitely the most times I’ve typed the word lemon in so many words.

lemon festival lemon festivallemon festivallemon festivallemon festivallemon festivallemon festival

Throw Back to Italy, part 3

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