During Free Museum Day a couple of weekends ago, I went to one of my favorite museums in Los Angeles: the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM). It’s located on Wilshire across from the Page Museum/La Brea Tar Pits, and just down from LACMA. It’s a small, three-story outfit celebrating art that leans more toward the craft persuasion, and always has a couple of great exhibits to see. Plus, it’s only $7 on a normal day, and they offer some cool classes and events. Basically, GO!


An especially good exhibition going on right now is Man Made, a collection of art quilts made by men. It resides on the top floor, and features several artists of all different aesthetics and techniques. They are wonderful to look at and read about, and there is a collection of videos on display in the back featuring the artists.



Artists include: Joe Cunningham, Luke Haynes, Jimmy McBride, Aaron McIntosh, Joel Otterson, Dan Olfe, Shawn Quinlan, and Ben Venom. I was especially entranced by Jimmy McBride’s space-inspired quilts (below) and the scifi persona he adopts, but the whole collection was solid. Yay men sewing!

CAFAMCAFAM The second major exhibition is on the second floor and called Focus Iran. It’s a collection of contemporary photos by various artists from Iran. It’s a really interesting mix of photography and contains some wonderful photos of people, still lifes and landscapes.


There is also a large-scale piece in the lobby by Jonas Becker called The Pile. I’ll leave that as the singular mystery, as it’s a really fun piece with a fun concept and it envelopes the lobby. All exhibits are up through May 3.


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