Cindy’s in Eagle Rock is the kind of place I have driven by a million times and thought about stopping, but never seriously enough to even slow down. It was looking a little pitiful, open really random hours, and half of the time had a film crew shooting in or outside. In the past year, Cindy’s was bought and sold and renovated, so things are a little different. On a lightly hungover Sunday, it was time to try it out.


We were pleasantly surprised by the bright interior, freshly painted with big orange booths. There’s first-come-first-serve counter seating, but we opted to wait for a booth, and only ended up standing around for 5 or 10 minutes. That is rare luxury at prime brunch time on a Sunday in Los Angeles.

The menu is a fresher, healthier and more thoughtful version of classic diner food without losing the comfort aspect. It’s also priced accordingly, but compared to many brunch spots in LA, it’s reasonable. I ordered a waffle and a side of homemade sausage and my husband ordered brisket hash which comes with two eggs on top. We both heartily approved our choices–the waffle was light with a bit of a crunch and not too sweet, the sausage was full of spices (not the best I’ve had but solid), and Dan really liked his hash, which was full of fresh-diced veggies and seasoned with homemade hot sauce. The only dud was the black-eyed peas, but I think they’d be much better mixed into the hash rather than eaten alone. Plus, it’s hard to make plain old black-eyed peas exciting.

The service was friendly and the crowd was local, ranging from big families to young and old couples. We’ll definitely be back for another mid-day breakfast fix.



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