Pierre Huyghe

One of the newest exhibitions at LACMA is the first retrospective for the contemporary artist Pierre Huyghe. It runs through February 22, and if you’re a little open-minded and interested in different artistic mediums, it’s well worth a trip.

I am by no means an expert on art, so I won’t interject my scholarly thoughts much here, but rather give an overview of what you can expect.

pierre huyghe

Upon entering, a nice man asks you name, and the proceeds to announce you as you enter the gallery space. The front half of the exhibition is fairly dark. It is open with unusual cordoned off spaces, likened to a building project still in process. There are a number of films showing in these different spaces, along with various other works of sculpture, drawings, paintings, photography, and more. One room has a light up Atari ceiling that you can use a dial to control the light.

pierre huyghe

It was honestly a little to dark to get a satisfactory view of some objects, but perfect for viewing the videos. My favorite video was Untitled (Human Mask). It follows a monkey in Japan wearing the mask, wig and dress of a little girl. She appears to be completely alone, frustrated by her confinement and solitude in a restaurant. Nothing really happens in the film, but it elicited real emotion from me. I saw the main character as a real girl, not as a monkey.

There are some interesting water tanks in the exhibition, one containing a crab wearing a mask for a shell. The back of the space was lit by natural light, and contained a large floor piece that looked like lava and salt. Outside is a sculpture with a live bee hive for a head.

pierre huyghe

Throughout the gallery, there is a living element. A dog with one pink leg named Human, who appears in at least one of his films, wanders the space freely. A man wearing a light mask (there are many characters in one of his film who wear these masks) also hangs out. I enjoyed this aspect of his work–seeing pieces of his films living and breathing.

pierre huyghe

Pierre Huyghe

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