Baby Hippo at the LA Zoo

This morning I heard that the Los Angeles Zoo had a new baby hippo, and that took care of our plans for the afternoon. I had never been to the LA Zoo, so it was a good excuse to check it out. The zoo itself is fine–some great animals to look at and it’s decently maintained. I always go through a bit of a mental slog when I go to a zoo, and get happy and sad all at once. Oooo a monkey! Awww that’s a small area, they should really be in the wild. Oooo koalas! Rinse and repeat.

I will say that the baby hippo is predictably adorable and worth the trip alone. When we first approached the enclosure, we only saw the male and female, and speculated about how neither of them could possibly be the baby and where was the baby? Just then, the mother side-stepped to reveal a little babe that had been hiding behind her. Too. Cute.

baby hippo

baby hippo baby hippo

Baby Hippo at the LA Zoo

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