Valley Vista

Dan and I drove up to UC Northridge to attend Kari’s‘s closing reception. She teaches at Northridge and had a couple of sculptural pieces in their gallery. Her work is very graphic and fun and was nice and impactful to experience in person. The gallery was also having an opening reception for a new show called Valley Vista: Art in the San Fernando Valley. It features works from various artists of different mediums from the San Fernando Valley from 1970-1990. It’s a nice snapshot of time and place and just an overall great collection. Pictures of some of my favorites are below, but it’s all well worth seeing.


kari reardon
Kari Reardon
kari reardon
Kari Reardon
Fidel Danieli
Fidel Danieli “Portrait of Peter Lodato” 1978
Jon Swihart
Jon Swihart “Untitled (CSUN Tool Guy)” 1991
Bruce Everett
Bruce Everett “Sand Canyon Road” 1979-1981. That’s a painting!

I also loved Bob Bassler’s resin pieces and there is some great photography exhibited. A photo of a photo just seemed wrong. Go see them for yourself!

Valley Vista

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