Labor Day

My husband and I had our first “date” on Labor Day weekend four years ago. This was our first time meeting in person, since he lived in LA and I lived in NYC (a story for another time). He came to New York to see me and it was one of the best weekends I have ever had.

This year we had a nice relaxing weekend filled with friends, baseball, pool time, and food. We spent Labor Day itself hanging out just the two of us, and it was exactly what I wanted. We made cheese biscuits, caught up on some work around the house, read, played games, watched a movie, and drank Manhattans. We only left the house to put in laundry across the parking lot and buy guacamole at the corner store a block down. Perfect.

Enough about us. Here’s some tips for biscuits:

Most of my favorite biscuit recipes are from America’s Test Kitchen, so googling “biscuits” and their name will bring up some winners. I healthy mine up by using white whole wheat flour, Smart Balance for the butter, and low fat buttermilk. They aren’t quite as fluffy, but there really isn’t a big difference and they are still delicious. We made the drop biscuit version and threw in some cheese, cracked pepper, and fresh rosemary to spice things up.

labor day

Cheese biscuits

cheese biscuits

labor day candle


Labor Day

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